Counselling, Registration and Administration


Counseling is available on individual basis in the school. Counseling sessions are also organized on regular basis to students facing any personal or academic related problem. They are counseled on campus by a qualified child psychologist on individual basis. Counseling facility also provides an opportunity for the parents to explore additional information pertaining to the school and academic problems in a congenial setting by an impartial professional counselor.


The applicant must be registered with the school to be considered for admission. The application form for registration is part of the prospectus as a tear out leaflet. Duly filled in application form should be submitted to the school office. Date of birth certificate in original & latest progress report of the child of the school he/she has been attending, should also be produced at the time of submission of the application form. After scrutiny, registration is confirmed and a card for admission test bearing the registration no. is issued immediately.

The registration fee, non-refundable under any circumstances, is valid for only one attempt on test. The registration does not qualify any child for admission to the school. No change in the date of birth is allowed.

Admission Eligibility

Admission is open to all irrespective of class, creed and community.
Admission is through a written test in English, Mathematics Hindi and Mental Aptitude.
A child seeking admission in class one should be minimum 5½+ years in age, at the commencement of the academic year.
The admission stands provisional if the T.C. is not deposited at the time of admission.

Admission Criteria

The child must attain the minimum standard prescribed for admission. The admission card has to be brought by the applicant on the day of admission test. Admission will depend on the number of seats available. The parents along with the student seeking admission will be invited for an interview for final selection.
Admission to Class XI depends on the performance of the students in ICSE and the availability of seats.

General Rules

75% attendance is compulsory for all students as qualifying factor for appearing in the final exams. (home/board). Leave will be granted on applications from parents/guardians prior to the commencement of the leave, for plausible reason only. Medical leave will be acknowledged only on producing medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
Parents are welcome to meet the Principal between 9 a.m. & 11 a.m. on all working days or by prior appointment.
Transfer certificate will be issued only after all dues are cleared. New admission, if for any reason, decides to withdraw or not avail the seat after admission formalities have been completed, will have to forfeit admission and three months fees. Payment of fees shall be accepted by the bank nominated by the school within banking hours from the 1st to 15th of each calendar month mentioned on the fee bill book. A fine of Rs. 100 fortnightly will be charged after 15 th of the month, in which the fee falls due (mentioned on the fee bill book). This is allowed till the 15th of the next month. On further delay, the name of the student will be struck off the School roll & readmission fee of Rs. 2,500/- shall become payable. The student will not be allowed to attend school till all dues are cleared. The Principal is however empowered to waive readmission fee, provided the full fee for the remaining session is paid at one time by the parents. This is allowed only for defaults up to October each year. Security deposit is refundable if applied for within a period of 15 days form the date of withdrawal form the School. Original receipt will have to be returned to the School. The refund will be made only in the 1st week of May and in the 3rd week of December as the case may be. No reduction in fee will be made for continued absence on any ground. Fee is chargeable for all the twelve months in the academic year. One months notice in writing or a months fee in lieu thereof is required for withdrawal of any student. Student will not be permitted to appear for any examination unless his/her dues are cleared up to date. All receipts must be carefully preserved & be produced on demand. All fees and charges will be payable from the month of April even if admission is taken at a later date. The Bank nominated by the school on the dates mentioned on the fee bill book shall accept payment of fees within banking hours. It is compulsory for students to attend school on the first three days after each vacation. If a child remains absent for 10 days in continuation without a leave application the name of the child will be struck off the school roll.

Partnership with Parents

The school has an 'open' policy and parents are encouraged to come and talk to teachers or to the Head teacher, although you may need to make an appointment. Alongside this arrangement formal parent meetings are held each term. These provide an opportunity for teachers to review progress with parents and explain future targets for learning. . Parents are expected to play their role by attending PTA meeting regularly and signing the notes & daily home work in the school diary.
The school solicits the cooperation of parents and guardians in helping us to achieve with perfection, the noble aims and objectives of the school.


Rules are made for students to help them realize that by abiding by them, they learn to respect freedom of other individuals. They are also meant to develop civic sense and social aspect of life.
A set of graded punishment has been framed for undesirable acts of students as a part of rules & regulations of the School, but they are not published in the prospectus because we believe that they are not the only way of reforming a child & that they should be avoided till the last ray of hope. Instead, we give preference to rewards & vocal appreciation to motivate them for good behavior. Some times individual talks may also be given t motivate them to shun their undesirable activities. If required parents will also be taken into confidence to get to the root cause of child's bad behavior.
At the same time, disregard of rules, breach of good manners or any word or action, likely to bring disgrace to the school will be regarded as a breach of school discipline. The school reserves the rights to take strict disciplinary action against the guilty to the extent of rustication or expulsion (depending on the gravity of breach).
Damage done to school property would invoke replacement charges/fines.

Promotion Criteria

A child who fails for two years in succession in the same class or due to repeated failure attains age exceeding the average of the class by more than two years will not be allowed to continue in the School.
A student failing in English or in any two core subject will not be promoted.
Promotion will be granted on assessing the academic performance of the child throughout the year which will be done by taking into account the year's average of the exams/tests.
There is no provision for re-examination.
Promotion will not be granted if a child does not appear for the final exams, wholly or partially, for any reason whatsoever.